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“I was very blessed to have Mr. Quisenberry as my Life Coach. I knew this would be a journey not a one answer fixes all my problems. Richard  motivates and directs me down new paths that feel uncomfortable at first to solve dilemmas. But we never grow or change if we always stay the same. HIs program has given me the tools I need to improve my life and those around me. The greatest gift he has given me is peace of mind knowing I am ok.”


Thank you Lori Ohio


I would first like to start this by saying Mr. Quisenberry is an amazing person who inspires me to want to be the best educator I can be. In August 2019, myself and my co-workers took a class called “The Power Of One”. Not really knowing what it was about, we decided to take the class. Walking in, we saw a whole lot of props that were going to be used which sparked our interest. We took our seats and the class began. It was about the importance of a good teacher paraprofessional relationship and that nothing can get done successfully with just one person. It was really nice to have someone who understands how important it is to have a great relationship with paraprofessionals in the classroom. I am a paraprofessional and sometimes I feel like I don’t get the respect I deserve given how hard my coworkers and I work. Paraprofessionals, often have a different relationship with the children they work with compared to the relationship of the teacher to the student. Therefore, communication between the teacher and all paraprofessionals should be considered necessary and respected in all manners.


Mr. Quisenberry was very knowledgeable and passionate about this presentation. He used himself and his experiences to show us how he understands the importance of having a good relationship with paraprofessionals. “The Power Of One” was an extremely important class for all educators. As a team, no one should work alone.


– Leslie Nawman


Coach Quisenberry is an excellent leader of young people. We’ve been blessed to have him involved with our basketball program. He does a great job of teaching kids life lessons by drawing from his personal experiences raising his own children and helping them to cope with the difficulties that teenagers face, not just in athletics but also in the grind of daily life. He has what I would call “next level thinking” when it comes to the importance of making the things that you do bigger than just about you.


-Brad, Head Varsity Basketball Coach