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Over Richard Quisenberry's career, he has fostered many relationships and business opportunities. Always having his eye on the ball, he has strategically built out amazing brands that truly reflect what his passions have displayed over 30 years. As you continue to learn all there is about Richard Quisenberry you quickly gain a great deal of respect for his philosophies. Coach Quis is a true living example of what it means to be called a community leader. Explore his current companies, as there may be services that may be of value to you.

Unique Proposals | Leadership Services | Building Today's Leaders

Leadership Services

Building Today's Leaders



Providing leadership support that impacts effectiveness. Schools looking to invest in a leadership development program or partner with a highly motivated professional who has been serving in the educational industry for over 30 years. UP provides the resources needed to meet your program objectives, all aligned around accessible tools your organization can use every day.



Wobbly Willie Organization | Kindness Consulting | Embracing Our Uniqueness

Kindness Consulting

Embracing Our Uniqueness



To inspire, educate, and motivate individuals to understand that kindness matters. We want to empower individuals with the tools and support to boost each person's confidence while being prescribed new ways of embracing others differences and

administering kindness.



Golden Recruit | Athlete Servies | Stay prepared.

Athlete Services

Stay prepared.



Athletic college preparation services. Covering NCAA rules, coaching events, AAU rules, and policies, etc.