Richard Quisenberry

10/06/2021 | Testimonials

Dream Big

“I was very blessed to have Mr. Quisenberry as my Life Coach. I knew this would be a journey not a one answer fixes all my problems. Richard motivates and directs me down new paths that feel uncomfortable at first to solve dilemmas. But we never grow or change if we always stay the same. HIs program has given me the tools I need to improve my life and those around me. The greatest gift he has given me is peace of mind knowing I am ok.”


Thank you, Lori Ohio



Richard Quisenberry's legacy is to make communities stronger. To do that, he informs them, equips them, and empowers them — in part as a transformation life coach, serial-entrepreneur, author, father, husband, best friend, child of God, lifetime learner but also as a modern brand acting as a force for the greater good. And in doing so, he is fostering deep and vital connections between the members of our communities and the world around them.


Southwest Ohio