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My staff and I recently had the pleasure of working with Richard Quisenberry. Richard mentored our team throughout staff training. Throughout the training, Richard helped our team understand our individual selves better while becoming more insightful to those around us. Richard guided and encouraged our team to become more of a positive force and influence while staying completely focused on our purpose.


He challenged us to better our communication skills without being hurtful or judgmental. Teaching us how to see different points of views and values in all individualities. Richard helped us to realize that internally we are our own support team. Therefore, we may need to work on ourselves at, or during a time that, we need to support our colleagues and families. Richards presentations were well received, I am looking forward to using the life skills he has developed and shared.



Coach Quisenberry is truly an essential part of our team! His wealth of knowledge in the areas of leadership and personal growth are second to none. He is a servant leader who speaks the truth. His love and passion for young people is undeniable. The impact he has had on our program is impossible to fully measure, but I know one thing for sure, his leadership sessions will impact generations!!


Coach Nate Martindale

Coach Quisenberry is by far one of the best and most respected coaches I know today. He speaks the truth and from his heart. The way he relates to the kids, motivates them and the advice he gives is absolutely dead on! Thank you Coach for all that you do for the game and the youth today!


Thank You, Coach John Detling
Head Coach Catholic Central

Coach Quis came to talk to our team about leadership and how we have the opportunity every day to impact others. His discussion was not only powerful and engaging, but relevant in the lives of these young women who are faced with so many decisions each day. Coach Quis feels very passionate about everyone’s ability to serve those around us and we were blessed to have him share that message with our team.



Chasity Russell
Physical Education